adult lady maleficent costumeIt’s not every day that you can declare yourself the Mistress of All Evil but still look nothing short of magnificent in the eyes of the people around you.

So in the next costume party you’re participating in, grab the opportunity to be a gorgeously hot Disney villainess by dressing up in a Maleficent Adult Ladies Costume.

Besides transforming you into the star of the night, here are the other factors that will make you love this costume even more:

The ‘Disney Look’

What a better way to emulate a certain character than to dress up exactly like her, right? This officially licensed Maleficent costume will surely help you pull off that much-coveted Disney look because it appears almost the same as the one worn by the villainess in the Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty.

Yes, from the dress with stand-up collar and cape to the headband and neck piece, everything is well detailed to look exactly like, or at least close to, the original. This is because we believe that for you to achieve that clean, natural, and realistic Disney look, you must make every detail of your costume count.

With this costume, the only things left for you to worry about are your makeup and footwear. You can make your get-up even more realistic and eye-catching by bringing a mock-up crow and letting it stand on your palm as you make your grand entrance.


If, aside from looks, you also give weight to the costume’s practicality before you consider it as value for your money, this Maleficent costume is a sure-fire winner.

It is downright practical because it isn’t associated to a particular season or occasion, so you can wear it in costume parties any time of the year.

Isn’t it fun to be evil on Halloween or arrive in style during your family’s Thanksgiving or Christmas costume party? It can also be worn on school plays and other local festivities when Disney or villain costumes are called for.

Not only is it an all-season costume, but if you forego the headpiece, neckpiece, cape, and stand-up collar, you got a beautiful, regal velvet black dress with purple satin trim that you can wear in formal occasions. Now that’s what practicality is all about, right?

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For Moms who always bring their kids with them to the party, this costume proves to be perfect because the velvet material making it up doesn’t need ironing, making the dress very easy to handle and transport.

Even if you carry your infant with your hands or in a baby carrier or you do some mommy duties while you’re already on your costume, the dress won’t get wrinkled, so you’ll look presentable all the time.

The head and neck pieces are lightweight and aren’t bulky, so you’ll feel comfortable wearing them even for long hours. Also, you won’t find them difficult to transport in case you don’t want to travel on costume, and you plan on dressing up right where the party will be held.

And since the dress is basically one piece, making alterations in case it looks a bit loose, is way too easy. See, that’s some kind of great convenience on your part.

So no matter what the occasion is, consider this Disney Maleficent Adult Costume, and you will definitely be a certified head-turner.