frozen princess anna costumeGone are the days when dressing up for the yearly trick or treat means wearing a pumpkin onesie or a costume that depicts a character in a well-known horror movie.

Today, children tend to enjoy an activity more if they are dressed up in their favorite costumes, imitating a character of their choice.

With the recent Frozen phenomenon, what could be a better way for your charming little lady to go trick-or-treating than in a sophisticated Princess Anna coronation day costume?

This is perfect for pretty tots who love the scene wherein Princess Anna cheerfully sings the song “For the First Time in Forever.”

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Perhaps, you also hear your little darling imitating Anna as she happily screams “It’s Coronation day!”, “It’s Coronation day!”

If you do, you can make her dream come true this Halloween by letting her wear this Princess Anna magnificent coronation gown.

What makes this elegant gown look even more sophisticated are its velvet bodice and yellow ball gown skirt with meticulously detailed green, red, and gold geometric glittering embroidery.

Since the skirt’s design glitters, this gown will still look attractive even at night. There’s also a beautiful, eye-catching character cameo on the gown’s sweetheart neckline.

The sheer green cap sleeves make the costume really look like the gown worn by Princess Anna in the Frozen movie. Complete the Anna look with an up-do hair style and a matching black ballet flats, which are sold separately.

The best thing about this dress is that it is an officially licensed Disney product, so you can be sure that it really looks close to what Princess Anna wore during the coronation day in the actual movie.

As a parent, you can also take great pride putting this dress on your charming lass, knowing that it isn’t a second-rate costume.

This Princess Anna gown is also a very practical purchase. Unlike other typical Halloween attire like pumpkins and ghost costumes, this gown can be worn many times over in different costume parties as it doesn’t represent a particular occasion or season. It can also be utilized for school plays, when your precious angel needs to dress like a princess.

If she has a sister, you have more reasons to choose this Princess Anna costume. They can be a powerful duo by letting her older sister wear a Queen Elsa gown.

Isn’t it satisfying to see the happy smiling faces of your daughters because you let them experience what it feels like to be like or to look like their favorite movie characters?

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