frozen disney olaf costumeThere’s nothing more wonderful than springing from Queen Elsa’s magical powers, right?

So if you want your kiddo to experience such mystical feeling, you shouldn’t think twice in dressing him up in Frozen Deluxe Olaf Toddler & Infant Costume in the coming winter costume parties.

You see, the winter season doesn’t go without leaving a mark and happy memories in a kid’s life what with all the fun costume parties usually held on the cold nights of Christmas, New Year, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

This cold and joyous season is here once again and this Olaf costume is all set to help you in making this year’s winter a very memorable one for your toddler.

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This costume, which is composed of a jumpsuit featuring a plush overlay, is perfect for jolly, adorable boys who can pull off this famous Olaf line in the movie:

“Hi, everyone. I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs!”

With the unparalleled popularity of the Frozen movie, there sure are girls in the party that will wear Queen Elsa and Princess Anna costumes, so your tot will surely love being the happy snowman that will cheer up these girls.

Your little one will feel excited wearing it as this costume comes with brown sleeves that have extended fingers. The black spots in the front, middle part of the white jumpsuit makes it look more attractive.

For this snowman ensemble to appear more realistic, it also includes a soft headpiece that exactly looks like Olaf’s face with its big teeth, eyes, and carrot nose.

As if those aren’t enough, the headpiece is also fitted with cute brown twigs to serve as Olaf’s hair. Sure enough, your tot’s heart will give a leap of excitement and will melt like snow on a hot summer day once he knows that he’ll be wearing this cute ensemble in the next costume party.

This is an officially licensed Disney product, so Moms like you who always want to give their children the best, won’t regret getting this for their son.

With this deluxe costume on, you won’t worry about taking your kid out on a cold winter night as it is made up of fabrics that will make him feel like receiving lots of warm hugs.

And don’t mind thinking about the headpiece falling off – it sure won’t as it comes with a comfortable chin strap that will make it stay on your kiddo’s head.

Who says that this costume isn’t practical just because it only represents winter? Like how Olaf managed to live when the never-ending winter in the movie has finally come to an end, you can also make this costume look great during summer by simply matching it with an overhead cloud.

You can make the cloud by yourself using a white Styrofoam or a cardboard with cotton or other soft material. You can fasten the cloud on Olaf’s hair/twigs or you can just be kind enough to hold it over your son’s head. Perfect, isn’t it?

With this costume on, your handsome toddler will definitely be the life of the party, attracting everyone’s attention and making them wanting to take a photo with him.

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