queen elsa child costume frozenIt’s been a long while since the movie Frozen took the industry by storm and set new box office records. But it seems like the Frozen fever isn’t over yet and won’t subside anytime soon. In fact, it looks like this phenomenon is here to stay.

If your little darling is one of those millions of kids out there who have been enchanted by the characters of this megahit Disney movie, you can grant her heart’s desire of being able to experience how it is to be an Ice or Snow Queen by dressing her up in this magnificent Queen Elsa costume.

Since Frozen became the biggest sensation in Disney’s history, character costumes derived from this movie, such as Princess Anna and Queen Elsa, have become best sellers.

frozen disney olaf costumeEven costumes depicting the movie’s adorable snowman – Olaf, have been flying off the shelves, too.

Who wouldn’t go crazy over these characters and their costumes, right? This Frozen Queen Elsa costume, in particular, is amazingly detailed to closely depict the dress that’s worn by the Snow Queen in the movie, so there really is no perfect gown for your girl to trick-or-treat in this coming Halloween than in this one.

This splendid icy blue dress makes up for the perfect Snow Queen costume, all thanks to its sheer organza overlay that features glittering snowflake embellishments.

girls princess anna costume frozenTo complete the look of a queen, this costume also includes a sparkling tiara. You can also get a wand, a pair of sparkling shoes, and a wig, which are sold separately. This is an officially licensed Disney costume, so there really is no better way to look like Queen Elsa than being in this dress.

If you’ve got two daughters and a toddler son, the more you should go for this costume as you can easily get your other daughter a Princess Anna gown and dress up your son in Olaf costume to complete the main characters in the movie.

Doesn’t it feel great to see your kids happily doing their annual trick-or-treat because they love the costume they are wearing and the characters they are portraying?

So before you look for other costume ideas, ask your kids first if they want to look like the characters in that Disney movie that they’ve probably seen thousands of times.

frozen princess anna costumeYes Halloween nights are already cold due to the advent of winter, but that doesn’t mean you should limit your choices to cozy overalls or uncomfortable mascot costumes.

After all, who needs such body-hugging costumes for Halloween, when the cold never bothered your kids, anyway?

(Click the link for Princess Ana’s gown on Queen Elsa’s coronation day….)